“Not only are we looked after properly, we can now easily scale our product to match business growth.”

They treat us with respect and we never feel like we’re just another customer. Getting enterprise IT onboard has been instrumental in helping us to create the world class product that we have today. They took away our headache of having to manage all the day to day operational stuff in addition to all the product development. In fact, they made it possible for us to trust that job to them, leaving us to focus all our attention on our product.

From a business point of view I only need to look at the agreed service metrics on the first page of an enterprise IT monthly report to see if there’s anything I have to worry about. There never usually is and, if there has been an issue, it’s almost always been resolved at the time it occurred. That’s crucial for a cloud-based product like ours. Our customers demand availability.

Their technical knowledge and expertise in all things Oracle is what led us to them in the first place. Now that they’ve transitioned us onto Amazon Web Services, not only are we looked after properly, we can now easily scale our product to match business growth.

“With e-IT we feel we have a partner that wants us to succeed as much as we do.”

Jonny Mirkin, CEO

About NomosOne

Connecting lawyers, landlords, tenants, financiers, agents and all stakeholders to a lease, nomosOne is the world's first and only hub and workflow solution for the property industry. The intuitive software makes it easy to connect, share, collaborate and work smarter on lease files - saving significant time, money and effort for all.

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