“If you’re deploying your services on AWS I would recommend enterprise IT. Their staff know their stuff and are easy to work with.”

We’re in an aggressive growth phase and doing a lot of business overseas but targeting North America in particular.

Last year we decided that to achieve our business goals and meet market demand for our services, we would need to bring our software development back in house. We felt it was the only way to create a sustainable platform with international appeal that would sell to high-end household names:

  • Multi-lingual
  • Designed with the user in mind
  • Secure, reliable, scalable
  • Failover, backups, automated monitoring

Although we’re based in the NZ, we acknowledge that our US market would want a locally hosted SaaS solution. We also knew that whatever hosting provider we choose, our other customers here in NZ and around the world would need to be happy with it.

That’s why we chose Amazon Web Services, it’s a trusted brand with data centres in the US and good network latency stats.

We needed to move quickly and didn’t have the luxury of spending precious dev resources on learning how to do it all ourselves. So we went looking for an AWS specialist to help us set up our virtual private cloud (VPC) and migrate our software solution to it.

enterprise IT knew their stuff and our project ran smoothly with no nasty hidden surprises. It took them only a few days to set up the VPC, configure the server stack, including databases and load balancers, and put the security groups in place. And the handover was pretty seamless and simple too. It was a positive experience.”

“We accelerated the go to market for our software worldwide without any reduction in quality of service, security or performance.”

Peter Waring, CTO

About Fuel50

Fuel50 is interactive cloud-based career path software designed by Career Engagement Group that delivers a clear career path for all your people and improved engagement at work. Fuel50’s CareerDrive™ delivers a compelling career proposition to all your employees, gives your leaders the insight to engage and motivate their team, and empowers your employees to have a visible career pathway with you.

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