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Use Oracle Engineered Systems to get it right first time.

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Why Oracle Engineered Systems? It’s simple.


Extreme performance

Extreme performance at every layer of the technology stack means getting the job done faster, better, and more economically than previously possible with multiple hardware components and vendors.


Fastest deployment

Engineered systems come preassembled across every level of the technology stack. So delivery of new services to your business becomes faster, and because your integration work is already done, you can turn your attention to improving services and service levels.


Lowest cost

Integrated systems are architected, integrated, tested, and optimised to work together—cutting complexity and eliminating costs normally associated with systems implementation. The result is easier deployment and upgrades, and more efficient systems management.


Less downtime

Fully integrated, redundant systems with built-in virtualisation provides you with the ability to minimise the impact of downtime on your business.


Complete portfolio

Oracle Database Appliance (ODA), Exadata, Exalogic, Exalytics and Big Data Appliances deliver predictable performance, absolute availability, rock-solid data protection and ironclad security.

Use Oracle Engineered Systems to get it right first time.

Our Engineered Systems Partner

Oracle is the number one vendor for integrated systems with its Engineered Systems portfolio. Learn what differentiates Oracle Engineered Systems from other Integrated Systems vendors and how they can help your business simplify your IT.

Database Services

Avoiding conflict resolution hell…

Lately, your solution’s been teasing you with one of those problematic ‘catch me if you can’ conflicts. It’s a pretty intricate solution. A highly available database tier and a middle tier made up of a bunch of different hosts, possibly a virtualisation layer and allocated a quota off the multi-tenanted corporate storage network and SAN.

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“They are in the top 5% of service providers in New Zealand and a breath of fresh air in an industry dominated by mediocre providers.”