Engineered Systems - The Sys Admin's answer to conflict resolution hell

Lately, your solution’s been teasing you with one of those problematic ‘catch me if you can’ conflicts. It’s a pretty intricate solution. A highly available database tier and a middle tier made up of a bunch of different hosts, possibly a virtualisation layer and allocated a quota off the multi-tenanted corporate storage network and SAN. Plus, it’s all communicating across the...


RedHat Enterprise Linux (RHEL 7) is a nice new hat

RHEL 7 is more than a reskinning of RHEL 6. With its updated packages, new toolkits and widgets, it’s a more modern kernel. But if you were anticipating a breakthrough, don’t. Although it’s a very different release to RHEL 6, in any form, it’s an expected one.So what key things make it different? # 1 SystemdThe introduction of Systemd has greatly improved the speed, performance and flexibility of...