I hope that everyone had a great Easter break and enjoyed the long weekend down here in NZ. I myself went bush with my family to celebrate my sister-in-law’s birthday at her partner’s family’s farm just north of Whitianga in a place called Waitaia Bay (google maps it). So, without devices and WiFi, I communed with the natural beauty of the bay and emptied my head of the upcoming conference. Or so I thought. While I enjoyed the 4 x 4 ride into the bay, the wonders of the sea and bush coming together, and the rugged accommodation reminiscent of pioneers and No8 wire, I couldn’t help myself looking at patterns in my environment. Waitaia is working farm there are 1000s of planted pine trees on the acreage. And, in the dense forest it is very difficult to spot individual trees in that forest, which let me to start thinking about predictive analytics, next best action, etc. And before I knew it my mind was back in San Jose. The mind chatter didn’t stop there.  We are in NZ after all. And for us, it’s not as much as spotting the tree in the forest as much as the "_____" on the beach! You fill in the blank after looking at the picture. Do you on visual data mining. Maybe I’ve just coined a new phrase?

On that agricultural theme, check out what the smart winemakers are doing with Big Data up in Napa!

I’ll be back next week with a summary of the Strata+Hadoop World conference and an open invitation to hear what I learnt.

Cheers and have a great short week.

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Devin Deen

As Director, Data & Analytics at enterprise IT, Devin ensures customers get to navigate, much more easily, the complexities of implementing data warehouse, data management, business intelligence and business analytic tools and solutions. Outside of e-IT he is active in the NZ tech-startup community and directly involved with successful SaaS company, ProjectManager.com.

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